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Riviera Beach FL gives in to hackers

Riviera Beach, Florida is giving in to hackers and paying $600,000 in bitcoins. The hacking severely negatively affected its police force who were forced to write down all its daily 911 calls by hand.  This just continues to happen. Systems and hackers keep evolving. I hope they catch these hackers and severely punish them. Until it gets to the point where it is a negative to hack a large business, government or educational unit hacking will continue. For more info see

Bentley loses FOIA case

The Bentley Historical Library at UM  just lost a major case in Michigan Appellate Court to open records in the archives which were closed at the request of the donor and creator until 2035. The judge agreed with the lawyer of the person seeking to open the files that even though the collection was closed the papers were held with the plan to eventually open the collection to the public so the collection meets the definition of a public record under FOIA (the Freedom of Information Act).

Basically the questions the judge decided were: did the closed records meet the definition of a public record under FOIA, and if holding the closed records constituted an official act by the Bentley. The judge said yes to both questions. Here are a few interesting extracts from the judge's decision, which, by the way, is a public record.

Under the FOIA, a “ ‘[p]ublic record’ means a writing prepared, owned, used, in the possession of, or retained by a public body in the performance of an official fu…


Today I was the libraries' rep at CMU orientation in the UC (University Center). This is the first time I have done this. While well organized and while we had a good luck and great handouts and banner, sadly the libraries table was pretty far in the back of room, so most of the students did not even see it much less approach it. I waved people over to the table or went to them, giving them information and emphasizing what we could do and the fact that their tuition helps pay for these resources (knowledgeable staff and publications) that can help them be more likely to earn an A. We had very helpful information about services, resources, our LIB 197 class, printing, and jobs, as well as a good Fake News bookmark. Most of the students and parents I talked to were glad to have the info. How sad is it that the info the students most need for their research papers and projects, sometimes to change their lives, is not available as soon as they walk in the door? I wonder if other orien…

Student Scholarship Now Available for DIGITAL DIRECTIONS conference in Kansas

Passion Pit 195-s CMU student dance cartoon

We recently received an oversized drawing that is pretty interesting documenting historic CMU student life. 

The undated drawing entitled "Passion Pit every night at 10" also has the notation "Ronan Hall, Central Michigan College" and  is signed by Jim Price. The date is based on the years he attended Central Michigan College, now Central Michigan University (CMU). The drawing is black ink on cardboard and is a comical portrayal of a dance and unwanted kisses and hugs on the steps of Ronan Hall at CMU. The drawing measures 18.5x17.5 inches, is very acidic, warped, and suffers further from tape stains and thumb tack holes.

Jim Price is identified through Chippewa yearbooks, CMLife, and (viewed in June 2019) as James William Price (August 7, 1927-May 3, 2003). Born and raised in Sault Saint Marie, Michigan, the son of William S. and Ethel M., Jim had an older sister Peggy and a younger sister, Jean. William and Peggy were both teachers. Jim and Jean bot…

band medals

I recently processed a collection of a Michigan student in the 1950s with Michigan band festival competition medals in it. When I was in high school and we played at this competition and the bands I was in were never very good so we did not earn any medals. Ah memories. The earlier ones resemble a shield or fancy music stand in shape. The ones I remember were smaller and more rectangular in shape. You could also win the same type of medals if you played at Solo and Ensemble which was band students playing solos or in small groups, duos or trios. I did win medals for that. I had a couple of blue rectangular medals by the time I finished high school. The collection has been processed and cataloged.  The medals most likely owner was Gladys Cotter, Kevin Campbell's maternal aunt. Gladys Cotter, later Jurado, (1935-)  graduated from Mount Pleasant High School and was active in track and field and band in middle and high school. She attended secretarial school at CMU. See Kevin Campbell…

Deuel Masonic objects

Found some cool Masonic emblems in collection about H. Edward Deuel, an early mayor and active Mason in Mount Pleasant. I'm processing the collection now. On the left an Order of the Easter Star emblem, undated. A long time Master and Royal Arch Mason, he started the first Mont Pleasant chapter of the Order of the Easter Star. On the right his Masonic Knights Templar watch fob.

hundreds of pop-up books at the Clarke

The Molsons have donated a lot of books and art for children's books to the Clarke over the decades. Their latest donation is 400 some pop-up books, currently in the hall, which will be the topic of a Clarke 2020 exhibit. The students will be busy adding accession numbers and sorting and Tanya will be busy cataloging for quite awhile.

HSBC - Student Intern Opportunity (part-time, paid)

This is an exciting opportunity to join HSBC's team of archivists spanning London, New York, Hong Kong and Paris. The successful candidate will be involved in all aspects of the unit's activities to capture, preserve, and promote the historical archives of HSBC in the US, including legacy firms.
Under supervision of the US Archives Manager, the student intern will provide cataloging and archival processing assistance. Specific duties include:
-clean-up of legacy data in archival catalog system
-creating new catalog records as necessary
-assisting with reference requests
-digitizing physical records in preparation for a planned public-access portal
-assisting with tours and presentations in the archive
-processing archival collections
-re-housing and other conservation tasks

This is a great opportunity for a student to learn cataloging, digitizing, and reference skills in a corporate archives and use cutting-edge digital archives technology.
To apply, please go to: ht…

Did North Carolina pirate images of Nautilus Productions?

The wreck of Blackbird's pirate ship, the Queen Anne's Revenge, was discovered in 1996 off the North Carolina coast.  Nautilus Productions filmed the recovery effort for almost 20 years. The claimed the shipwreck and advertised images of the recovery as public record. The object are now in the North Carolina Maritime Museum in Beaufort. The videographers are unhappy with the conversion of their images to public record.  The case goes to court in Oct. For more information about the public record dispute click here  There's not much online about the exhibit of materials from the wreck. Here's a page  and the museum offers a walk where Blackbird would have walked, to a historic tavern in Bath, N.C. For more information about the ship's history and to see a reproduction click here htt…

two Indiana circus barns on 10 most endangered properties list