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CMU Libraries Dec 2018 destressing activities

Here's this term's CMU Libraries destressing activities to help students get through exams. I love having the dogs come. I can't wait for Monday! 

HST 583 students working on their final project

Busy day today with multiple students from my HST 583 class all busily processing their C.S. Bliss manuscript boxes for their final project. This year I gave them each a packet of receipts, mostly from lumber camps.

Students processing in the archives

My students are all busy processing manuscripts as the end of the term approaches:

Kennedy Center job posting

What an awesome job this would be and it includes records retention!

Position: Lead Archivist
The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

The Lead Archivist is responsible for establishing and implementing a robust, enduring archives program, including systems and processes, within the Kennedy Center. Working closely with the archiving team, Public Relations, Information Technology, Theater Managers, and other internal and external stakeholders, the Lead Archivist ensures that the growth, accessibility, and stewardship of the Kennedy Center Archives serves the organization's mission as an integral part of this premiere performing arts organization and living memorial to President John F. Kennedy.
The Lead Archivist reports to the Vice President of Public Relations and
oversees accessioning, processing and cataloging of archival materialsengages in long-range planning activities such as developing a mission statement, collection development policy, access…

Save MI HIstory Archives Basic webinar on Dec 11 or 13th

Save Michigan History is doing another round of workshop registration but this time for a free webinar on the basics of Archives Dec. 11 or Dec. 13. See link to register.

Tawny Ryan Nelb and my HST 583 class

Last Tues Tawny Ryan Nelb came to present to my HST 583 Archives Administration evening class about architectural records. She presented, we created a guide to types of architectural formats, and we looked at and touched a variety of examples of architectural records. It's always an amazing class. She makes everyone rip a non-archival record to reinforce the point that not all old records are historically valuable and worth retaining in archival conditions. Here are photos:

Ivanka and her official government emails

We continue to live in interesting times.

I will be very surprised if the forthcoming congressional investigation does not find that Ivanka Trump did the same thing Hillary Clinton did, used private email and/or servers or devices to conduct official government business, all of which is.against the Presidential Records Act and rules and regs concerning classified government information for government security. It also avoids transparency rules.
It is so much easier to do most of our communicating and scheduling on one device or through one system than to use several. But personal convenience is not more important than government security. Laws should be followed.  Seriously after all the long, detailed, discussions and reviews of Hillary Clinton's emails and use of her husband's server, which included examples of even some emails which started as unofficial or not classified gradually morphed and eventually included attachments that were sensitive, everyone in the US and many …

Thanksgiving documented in manuscript collections in the Clarke

Thanksgiving is documented in the following manuscript collections:

Diary of J.C. Whitney:
Diary, Sept. 15, 1862-April 22, 1863 (1 folder), includes an account of his travel from Rockford (Ill.) to a military camp south of Cincinnati (Ohio) and then to a permanent camp near Danville (Ky.). He describes camp life, dress parades, inspections, skirmishes, fights, being surrounded by Rebels south of Nashville (Tenn.), having received a present from Mary J. Whitney, and a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. Whitney served in an IL unit during the Civil War.

Matted newspaper clippings  from Pres. Leonard Plachta Administration, 1998-1999 (1 Ov. folder) include: Clippings include Parading the '99 holiday, a color clipping of Central Michigan University (CMU) percussion ensemble in the 1999 Thanksgiving Day parade, Detroit (Mich.) (unidentified newspaper), with mat the clipping measures 11x12.5 inches. The rest of the clippings are black and white and include: Marching to the rhythm, …

MAA seeking session proposals for the 2019 conference June 17-18, 2019