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wooden educational toys

Yesterday we were really excited. Intern Tyjuan and I discovered original drawings from Eva M Langworthy Dutcher's 1921 CMU Manual arts class notes. This finally allowed us to link the wooden "educational toys" in the collection to her life and the papers in her collection. Student teachers at CMU in 1951 were physically learning in Manual Arts class how to make various toys from paper designs, wood, how to sew, how to create braided objects, very crafty, very creative. Eva graduated in 1921, got married and took a 20 year break while she raised her family, returning to finish her degree in 1951. She taught in Remus, MI.


Today Tyjuan began really processing a collection. Among other interesting items we found 2 WWII era flags, one is a blue start flag (2 stars) indicating 2 people in the house were in military service and a small 48-star flag.  They show no signs of wear and tear or fading from exposure to light.They are from the Dutcher collection.

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Sorting more Anspach

My new volunteer Brad Davis has been busily sorting three-dimensional from manuscripts and books in Mrs. Dr. Elizabeth Anspach's collections. A lot of the books are duplicates of themselves or books we already have in the Clarke. Here are some images:

Michigan's 1835 constitution

While visiting the State Archives recently I finally had a tour of the inner vault and saw the our state's first original 1835 Constitution with original green ribbon and the anti-slavery clause in it. It was found by a janitor in a closet in 1913 rolled up in pieces in a lead tube. How amazing that he realized what it was and did not throw it out. Twice it has been conserved and it is periodically displayed. Awesome! Archives rock!

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