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V-E Day Transcribe-a-Thon at Virginia Tech: The American Soldier Collaborative Digital Archives

V-E Day Transcribe-a-Thon at Virginia Tech: The American Soldier Collaborative Digital Archives
8 May 2018
Join us in commemorating V-E Day with a Transcribe-a-Thon focused on uncensored, handwritten reflections of military service from WWII soldiers collected by the Army Research Branch. During the war, the U.S. Army surveyed  approximately half a million service personnel to better understand their adjustment to military life and service. In addition to presenting various sets of multiple choice surveys, many of the surveys also provided space for soldiers to record their opinions and personal experiences. Over 65,000 pages of these handwritten "free comments" were amassed and then separated from the rest of the surveys. These orphaned handwritten  comments are the focus of this Transcribe-a-Thon and represent an essential  step in the overall project. 

We hope you will consider organizing a group at your school or in your community. The event will originate at th…

improving descriptive practices for born-digital material in an archival context

This is a summary of a blog shared on SAA from  April 24 by  by Annie Tummino

Her thoughts about New York Metropolitan Library Council (METRO), where she works, sponsored a workshop on “Improving Descriptive Practices for Born-Digital Material in An Archival Context” with Shira Peltzman, former NDSR-NY resident (and currently Digital Archivist for UCLA Library Special Collections). 

Shira emphasized that a great deal of technical and administrative metadata is captured during processing of born-digital materials,  not all of which should be in finding aids. Part of the archivist’s job is figuring out which data is meaningful for researchers and important for access. She outlined some of this underlying digital chemistry, including bits and bytes, character encoding, and plain text versus binary data. A small group activity to analyze the interdependencies involved in finding, retrieving, and rendering the contents of files in given scenarios which succeeded in demonstrating th…

Preservation Conference today

Preservation Conference today all formats

innovative library technologies

Here are some very interesting innovative technologies for current and future libraries

DDD (Digital Divide Data) and Kenya's AWS and fossil scanning

DDD (Digital Divide Data) is a non-profit social enterprise offering digital content and data solutions.  Recently DDD participated in the 2018 Economic and Social Council partnership Forum at the UN HQ to support UN Sustainable Development goals (SDGs). DDD's mission is to create sustainable jobs for global youth (SDG 8) and reduce inequality within and among countries (SDG 10). To do this DDD plans to create 500 new digital and tech jobs in the next 2 years. It is the largest official commitment to SDG 8, the UN's global goal to create 100,000 new jobs by 2020.  DDD recently partnered with Amazon to launch the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Academy in Kenya to train youth in tech. 70% of the youth being trained are female.  Attached is a link to a fab and inspiring brief video of the impact this is having via training students to scan fossils (Kenya being the world's leader in the most and best preserved fossils.) AWS is transforming lives, the nation of Kenya and the w…

MAC will meet in Detroit April 3-6, 2019 needs volunteers

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