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historic Merry Christmas greetings collections

Here are some examples of historic Christmas greeting cards and images in our miscellaneous Display Items collection. This is an artificial collection of diverse materials mostly cards and extremely miscellaneous materials, some objects, which were saved because someone at some point thought we might feature them in exhibits back when most of our exhibits consisted of books. I put those I'm featuring today in a box lid so you have an idea as to their size

End of the year archival management

In the archives I have an end of the year archival management routine which accomplishes a number of goals, keeps collections safe, and helps prepare me for next term.

I clean out the processing room of all manuscript collections in case of fire, water damage, theft or other disaster that would destroy or damage whatever is in the processing room. This helps my students and I know exactly where we are processing and supplies when I return. Also it makes the area nice so I don't scare potential new student processors who visit me in January.

I check all the inventory lists and location list and print updated versions as needed.

I conclude any cataloging, finding aids, encoded finding aids, labeling and shelving that I can for manuscripts or other collections, such as art, that I play a role in preserving or accessing. I also update any of my forms, directions, templates or workflows as needed for me or my students.

I update the list of manuscripts collections to be processed for…

Emeritus Scholarship for First-Time MAC Meeting Attendees Graduate Students!

Christmas in Manuscript collections

Currently a keyword search find 38 collections with Christmas mentioned or documented in them. These collection include images, greeting cards, circus ornaments, author's stories of Christmas, notations or recollections of Christmas in diaries, letters or reminiscences.

One of the more unique ways Christmas is  documented is in the organizational records of the Tourism Club (Mount Pleasant, Mich.) 1913-1995. The Tourism Club was organized in 1913 as a ladies cultural club. The motto was Mehr Leicht ("More Easily"), the Club's flower was the carnation, and its colors were green and white. The purpose of the Club was to expand the knowledge of its members about various topics and countries. In the early years of the Club, members formed subgroups which researched various topics or aspects of a nation or other subject in-depth, and later reported their findings as the Club's programs. Early Club members included the wives and daughters of Mount Pleasant'…

MAC 2019 Archie Motley Memorial Scholarship for Minority Student

SAA call for student paper/poster sessions July 31-Aug. 6, 2019 in Austin, Texas

SAA CoSa Conference will be July 31-Aug. 6, 2019 in Austin, Texas. The call for submissions  including graduate student papers, posters-individual or SAA chapters- is on. For more info

Free frames!

This is an update.

Today I got two more high quality frames with Tru Vue Museum Glass. The one frame measures 22x13 inches, the other 15.5x12.5 inches. Even if you just want the glass you are welcome to it.

I have  3 piles of frames I would like to give away for free! There are mostly very nice, high quality  frames in excellent physical condition, mostly wooden, some gilded, all with glass. There are a few that are plastic. I would like to share for free with whoever wants/ needs them. All you have to do is come and get them. I will hold them until Jan. 4th. If you want them and can't visit me by Jan. 4th, contact me and I'll hold them for you. On Jan. 4th the frames that remain will go into the dumpster.  These were used mostly to display certificates, diplomas, and some photos.

Hint: If you need a frame for your diploma or your child's diploma, contact me!
If you name frames for art projects, contact me!

There are:
14 medium size frames which all measure approx. 15.5x1…

MAC Detroit 2019: Call for Posters