The Edward Blank YIVO Vilna Collections project seeks over 7years to preserve and digitize what remains of the large, historically significant, private Strashun Library of Vilna, Lithuania,  and and preserve and reunite through digitization the separated surviving remnants of the Vilnius Library,  located in Vilnius and New York. Read more about it and the efforts of the YIVO Organization to preserve and digitize Jewish heritage materials  and make them accessible. YIVO has a library and archives. It houses histories, digitized documents, films, rare books, manuscripts, as well as digital exhibits on these collections, other topics. YIVO was the first organization to collect original primary sources documenting the Holocaust, many of which were later used as evidence during the Nuremberg Trials. Yivo collections document Jewish poets, humor, many aspects of the history and life of European Jews before WWII. and the Otto Frank File documents the efforts of Anne Frank's father to get his family out of Europe before they were forced into hiding. For more information check  here https://vilnacollections.yivo.org/


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