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New CMU Librarian job

Instruction Librarian (Tenure Track, Assistant Professor) Below you will find the details for the position including any supplementary documentation and questions you should review before applying for the opening.  To apply for the position, please click the Apply for this Job link/button.
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Park Library open house

This year the Park Library is having an open house on Sept 19, 2017.

PBB contamination research collection

The chemical contamination in MI is one of the worst chemical contaminations of livestock, people, food, farmland, woodland, farms, and wild animals, in the history of the US. Yet, even in Michigan, we hear little about it and few study it.

At the Clarke, we recently received the research collection of Dr. Alpha Clark, a Kalkaska, MI, a veterinarian specializing in cows who worked in Missaukee, Wexford and Osceola counties. He was a very strong and resourceful man. He researched and documented his cow patients who were sick with some unidentified illness, and continued to fight for his farmers to figure out what was happening to their cows. Unsatisfied with the corporate attitude that the farmers were to blame and that the mix really wasn't that bad a problem, Dr. Alpha Clark sent cows and meat samples out of state to be tested, proving the MI lab test results were incorrect, realizing there were heavy chemicals involved that were not identified, was a link between scientific spec…

Film road trip to MSU

Had  a GREAT road trip to MSU film to visit Matthew Wilcox and their film and see some of ours. Found out some of the film is important interviews about turning points during the PBB contamination crisis in Michigan which became apparent in 1973-1974. Here are some fun shots.

starting the anniversary CMU academic year

CMU is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year. The official website is here  The Museum is sadly not included, which is a shame, in my opinion. It is obvious from the images that CMU has experienced a lot of change. Major, continuous change is now a part of all of our lives. When you think of how much our nation,  Mount Pleasant, and CMU has changed in 125 years, and what we have experienced as a nation, it is staggering. Wars, technology, women voting, protests. In 1892 Benjamin Harrison was president. to put it in perspective here are some major US events that happened in 1892:

1. Ellis Island began receiving immigrants. Think of the import of that event changing the US and millions of immigrants' lives  forever.
2. The first official basketball game was played.
3. Lincoln's birthday was declared a national public holiday.
4. the first working escalator was patented.
5. General Electric was established.
6. The Sierra Club…

2017 Society of Georgia Archivists Annual Meeting