the recent cyberattack

The increasing number and sophistication of cyber attacks and how they affect us is a very concerning issue. In the most recent cyberattack at the end of June, a lot of huge international companies were hacked. Paralyzing a business for a week or more is really bad, but it also effects other related companies and customers, paychecks, communications, projects, databases of accrued information, and security in general. Even worse are the effect a hack can have upon hospitals, surgeries, implanted medical devices, and the people who rely upon them. Read more about the recent attack here  At this point, the long term effects are still unknown. Everyone believes North Korea is responsible. Was business or personal information identified and stolen, or was other information implanted? If banks  and powergrids or home digital heating/cooling systems are hacked, we may all become penniless in the dark. Perhaps we will have to resort to stocking up on candles, wood burning stoves, and socks full of money hidden in our homes to feel a little more secure. Seriously, sometimes I wonder if it will come to this. Also I wonder what, if anything, can be brought to bear against thw nations that hack us, especially NK, to stop them. Meanwhile, I'm sure we are also hacking various nations. What a wicked web we weave.


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