Memories of kidnapping and robbery at Clare's Doherty Hotel, 1935

As a young man Larry Knapp fell asleep in the Doherty Hotel where he worked. In the early morning he woke up to find a pistol in his face brandished by a gangster. Gangster Windle Shine  decided to rob the Doherty Hotel and sent in two cronies to do the job. Carl Humphries guarded Larry while Tommy Thompson took $92 from the cash register. They couldn't get into the safe as there was a steel cage around it, but they took apart the slot machine to get an addition $150-200. The men took Larry with them, later forced him out of a car, and sent him back to town threatening to shoot him if he looked at their car license plate. When Larry finally got back to town both the local and state police got involved. Tire tracks and shell casings Larry had accidentally kicked out of the car when he exited it, led to the gangsters arrest and imprisonment. Humphries and Thompson were sentenced to 3.5-7 years and Shine received 7-15 years. This is part of the Larry Knapp Clare (Mich.) History Collection, 1904, 2017.

The start of Larry's memories of being robbed and kidnapped in 1935, written in the 1980s.

His memories of waking to find a pistol in his face.


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