An addition to the CMU Posters collection

Here's a fun visual for over the weekend, examples of some diverse poster additions to our CMU posters collection.

2 hand-painted signs for 1950s movies, undated, probably 1970s

A lovely butterfly for the Art Students exhibit, 1978

Bicentenntial week events poster, 1976

A capital campaign ad on the Broadway Theater's marque. What will the CMU employees do that is rated R?

An interesting visual of inverted images of people dancing Bruce King Dance Co. perforemance, Nov. 4, 1977

Another interesting visual-black and white, of a Chuck Mangione performance, Feb 5, no year

an environmental teach=in, definitely from the late 1960s, early 1970s

hand made posters for Environment One exhibit of assemblages, again probably 1970s

a dynamic foreign film series poster, no year

a series of Foreign (rectangular) and international (square) posters, mostly 1970s

Foreign language day, 1977, with almost a rainbow background and a pseudo pueblo art symbol

a dynamic, large 7th annual independent film festival poster with afro and the camera has a red recording  light on, 1972

Here's the poster for the 10th annual independent filmmakers expo, [1982]

Voices from the earth, Mohawk Nation, an interesting visual-looks almost Aztec, no year

creepy poster, Sculramics, 1979

More of a flier than a poster, Women's Health Initiative Project exhibit and sale, undated [this project was begun by CMU Women's Studies unit in 1990]


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