Russell Kirk collection

A good chunk, slightly more than half of the Russell Kirk collection was reorganized and rehoused last term. There are still a number of boxes that have to be processed and then interfiled into the middle of cart two, so I cannot label what has been re-processed yet. We reorganized it into Materials Kirk Created/Edited and Materials created by Others. To date, 48 boxes and 1 large Oversized folder (4 carts full of materials) have been re-processed. The finding aid has been amended. I also went through and wrote notes on the remains of the old finding aid for the next processor/s. I'm double-checking it against the boxes today and then I'll shelve the boxes for now. About 15 cubic feet of various formats remains to be processed. I plan to have students complete the re-processing and the finding aid next term. Once the collection is reprocessed and rehoused, labeled, almost all of the collection, for the first time, will be open to researchers. The only exception will be letters (personal correspondence) to/from Kirk, which will still require the permission of the donor via the Director of the Clarke Historical Library.

Here are some photos.
Kirk cart 1

Kirk cart 2

Kirk cart 3

Kirk cart 4


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