Robotic police

Advances in information and robotics have led to Dubai now having robotic police officers. The robots will not replace human police officers. "People will be able to use it to report crimes, pay fines and get information by tapping a touchscreen on its chest." The information the robots collect will be shared with other "transport and traffic" police. The robots will be used in malls and other large population center locations, mostly for ease of access 24/7 for customer service. This is the first step in using robotic police in some capacity. Maybe someday they will advance enough where they can be used for information gathering, crowd control, and terrorism prevention. This reminds me of a scifi tv show, Continuum, where the cops wore suits which scanned information and people for behavior and information, shared the information with an advanced network which  fought crime and terrorism, masking what was really a police state controlled by information. Read more about the robotic police here


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