Cleaning up the processing room at the end of the term

Dorothy Hodell Brooks  on shelf

Dorothy Hodell Brooks oversized in Map Cabinet drawer

After the students leave in May I usually have a couple of weeks in which I try to clean up the processing room and make sure everything in it is cataloged, has a great finding aid, and encode the finding aid. Here is part of what I completed last week.

Dorothy Hodell Brooks Family Research Collection, Approx. 3 cubic ft. (in 2 boxes, 2 v., 2 Ov. folders, 2 display boards, 1 Ov. photograph, 1 shadow box)   This collection contains materials related to Brooks' research for her book, A Certain Sadness: The Untimely Deaths and Family of David and Romie Hodell in 1920s Rural Newaygo County, Michigan. This research mainly involved Hodell family history, focusing on the people and events surrounding the murder of her uncle, Romie Hodell, and her grandfather, David Hodell. Included in the collection are genealogies, photographs, copies of newspaper articles and telegraphs, correspondence between family members, and research notes. With rare exceptions, most of the materials were created during the 2010s and are copies of primary sources. The sources themselves date from before the murder in the 1880s to the 1990s. Some original materials are the undated pay book of David "Hotel," [Hodell] Nina "Hotel's" [Hodell's] The Royal Path of Life published in 1882, and the 1922 yearbook of Hollis Hodell. There are also materials in Box 2 and 3 that are copies from other libraries, such as the Bentley Historical Library. This collection was left in its original order as much as possible, which follows the research pattern of the donor.

All the Bliss boxes and folder my spring 2017 HST 583 class processed

The Bliss boxes represent the fifth year my students in HST 583 Archival Administration have processed  part of the Charles S. Bliss collection. Here's the description of what they processed this term.  C. S. Bliss and Company Business Records and Family Papers, 1887-1904. So far we've processed 41.25 cubic ft. (in 97 boxes, 15 folders) Approximately 20 cubic feet of manuscripts and several hundred oversized volumes remain to be processed. An inventory of the unprocessed boxes

The fifth processed section, includes 11.25 cubic feet in 27 boxes and 7 legal-size folders, February 1902-December 1904. Most of the materials are business related, including correspondence from customers and several Bliss agents, Samuel McReavy (in boxes 72-75, 79, 81, 83, 89 discussing a smallpox quarantine, 92, 95-97), A. Meston (in boxes 78-81, 83); Perrin (in boxes 75, 81, 84); O. N. Sproul (a scaler, in box 80, including his reports of lumber scaled and hauled at Butman Camp in box 97); and O. Miner (in box 72). There are reports from men who ran Bliss’ farm, Walter R. Black (in boxes 81, 84-85, 88-89, 93-95) and B. W. Snow, who began as a farm hand (in box 89) and later replaced Block running the farm (in box 97). There is information on the Vanderbilt Camp (in box 72) and Butman Camp (in boxes 77, 88, 97). There are also several folders of correspondence on women applying to work as stenographers or do other office business work for Bliss (in boxes 80-81, 90-91). Personal information includes general letters from Bliss’ sister Maude (in box 72), Luman Bliss (in box 77) and cousin, E.E. Bliss, about a hunting vacation (in box 80). There is also a 1904 letter from a friend, C.S. Blodgett, discussing the young Bliss children (in box 94). Also of interest is an early 1904 thank you note from Mrs. Grace (Herbert H.) Dow about Mr. Dow’s pig, named Christmas Carol, which was a present from Mr. Bliss (in box 87).


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