historic CMU commencements

During the stress of the last few weeks before finals, some CMU students are  thinking, I wish exams were over, my papers done, and I had already graduated.

I know you want to get all dressed up, pose for a formal group photo and get your beautifully wrapped sheepskin like these happy early graduates. They look so amazing! All 6 of them!

There are a number of primary source collections in the Clarke documenting CMU graduations or graduating classes or commencements.  In the collections, the experience is titled either graduation or commencement, and this carries over into the catalog description.

Commencement or Graduation is documented in:
multiple CMU photos in various collections and formats.

statistics, including graduation, are recorded in the CMU. Office of the President. Annual reports of the State Board of Education, 1927, 1994.

Also we have many collections consisting mostly of printed degrees or diplomas on vellum of students who graduated over the decades.

Central Michigan University war years collection, 1947-1972. 1 folder

Central Michigan University. Student Organizations Collection, 1927-1961.

Central Michigan University.. Registrar's Office. Enrollment Statistics, 1931, 1932, 1 folder.

Commencement is documented in some way in the all the CMU Presidents' papers at least in photographs if not in speeches, committees reports, and statistics. Here are two examples.

Central Michigan University. Office of the President, President Judson W. Foust Papers,  includes Meeting Minutes, Committee on Graduation and Admission to Candidacy, 1959-61; Photographs Albums of Dedications/ Commencements, 1960-1964; Subject Files, Commencements, 1960-1968

Central Michigan University films, 1940,1970. Includes Graduation, 1964.
Central Michigan University. Office of the President, President Eugene C. Warriner Papers, 
includes: Speeches, Baccalaureate, 1918, 1920-1924, 1927, 1929, 1931-1933, 1936, 1938, and undated; graduate list, 1916; Table of Graduates, 1927-1934

Fox, Bernice M. CMU Normal Scrapboo, 1891, 1925, includes commencement programs, 1924-25. 

Adams, Mabel Curtins. Papers, 1896, 1935. includes 40th anniversary commencement dinner program 1935.

Central Michigan University oversized images, 1968, 1969. includes commencement images 1890s

Goodwin, Julia Ann. Collection, 1935-1938. Photos of her graduating from CMU 1938. 

Hileman, Eula B. Hileman Collection, 1933. Her 1933 CMU commencement photo.
Tennant, Al G. Collection, [1860], 1993. Includes his CMU commencement programs, 1953, 1955. 


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