Architectural records class night

Had a great  Archives Administration class last night courtesy of Tawny Ryan Nelb learning all about architectural records. Tawny lectured and informed, they viewed and touched various types and formats, and put together their own media ID chart with preservation information. Then everyone had 1 hour of processing time for their final project box. It's getting close to the time for the processing to conclude. Some of the boxes are done or nearly done. Others have a way to go yet. 

Here are examples of architectural records and how they are stored in the Clarke.

Aladdin blueprints and blueline w paper between them in drawer

2 sections of Kimball architectural drawings, various types, most in telescoping storage boxes

our 2 mongo map cabinets full of Hemingway posers, architectural records, maps

3-d model of New Park Library building

Park floor plan on foamcor board in drawer

New Park Library Perspective framed, matted w glass

New Park Library specs

New Park Library paper structural drawings for engineers


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