largest Celtic coin/ jewelry hoard has been separated

I previously blogged about the e largest Celtic coin and jewelry hoard ever found in 2012 on the UK island of Jersey (think cows and cream) by amateur metal detectors who searched 30 years for it. It took three years to separate all the coins. Here is what researchers found. There are more than 68,000 coins. Researchers refer to the hoard as Catillon II. Besides the massive amount of coins, the hoard also included "gold neck torcs, glass beads, a leather purse and a bag with silver and gold decoration. Researchers estimate it was buried by French Celts known as the Coriosolitae around 30-50 B.C., around the time of Julius Caesar, likely as they fled a Roman invasion of the area." This was clearly a stunningly huge treasure for the period, as well as for today. Perhaps it was the combined wealth of multiple tribes or several very wealthy families. Valued at 10 million pounds in 2012, the island's government is going to vote on whether to pay to keep it on the island or sell it off. I hope they can keep it and create a museum. A virtual copy was made of the original hoard, found compacted together in a large mass.  Read and see


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