Everyone is very busy in the archives

This term all eight of my processing students have been very busy in the archives. They are all at various stages in processing diverse collections. I try to match students with projects of various size and complexity. Here you can see the sheer variety of materials and collections. After training them and discussing what to do for each project, the student processes and rehouses the collection, withdraws peripheral materials, and creates a draft finding aid for the remaining contents of the collection. I amend the finding aid, catalog the collection, and encode the finding aid to make the contents discoverable by researchers.

You do not need manuscript processing experience, just a lot of interest and enthusiasm, to begin training to become a processing student in the archives. You could be an undergraduate or graduate, and you do not have to be a history major, but you should think historical information is AMAZING and IMPORTANT. If you are interested in volunteering contact me at marian.matyn@cmich.edu.

Here's Jen who has been processing Channel 9 & 10 film for a year. This academic year she has processed over 45,000 feet of film.  Last term, as an intern, she processed the first series of MI Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Weaver-Court of Appeals (44 boxes, 21 cubic feet).

Suli is processing his second major MI Supreme Court Justice Weaver series called DQ (Disqualification of Judges). His first series was Per Curiam, 28 boxes, 14 cubic ft.  

Crystal is planning the Denison Native American art exhibit de/re/installation as part of her archives/ exhibit internship.

Jordan is rehousing Russell Kirk's papers during her internship. So far, she has rehoused 26 boxes of records.

Brian is also processing a series of MI Supreme Court Justice Weaver--Probate Court

Tristan has been checking the contents of oversized folders.

Cassie is processing research about a family and the double murder they endured in Newaygo County.

Jake is processing postcards from Utica, part of the 2016 DigMichNews contest.

Also this term, one of my dear ex-students, now in grad school pursuing an archives degree at Wayne State U., Gwyn Richard, volunteered to process a collection for a project in her classes.
Here she is processing Breckenridge GAR and Women's Relief Committee records.


  1. Thank you, Marian, for providing our students with such wonderful opportunities!

    1. It is my pleasure. I learn a lot from them.


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