Valentines in the archives

Here are some historic examples of Valentines in the Display Items collection in the archives.

Here is a simple valentine  printed on the front, "with my best love"
Stamped in cursive on the front, "with my best love"

written on the reverse side- Elias H From Bernie, undated

 Here is a much fancier 3-dimensional Valentine Greeting that opens up into quite a statement of adoration.
folded flat, as you would see it when it arrived. The poem in the middle reads,
With you, my Love, Can none compare; As good and kind, As you are fair.
opened up to 3-d glory

a side view while opened up-very complex

 Here are three Valentines from the late 19th century
1865-For one of my dear little companions

1871-With fond love

I fear a single chance I've not, too many rivals I have got, undated
Lastly, because sometimes love deteriorates, here's a deteriorated Valentines postcard
deteriorated postcard
back of deteriorated postcard- from Grandma B to Master Lloyd Brash  211 Chaney? St., Mt. Pleasant, MI, undated


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