proofing Cleland's encoded finding aid

On Valentine's Day I started the final proofing check of the encoded finding aid for Charles Cleland's Native American research collection, 1970-2008, and undated (117 cubic ft. (in 122 Boxes, 9 Oversized folders). It is so huge and complex that it is a difficult endeavor. It took five years to type the finding aid, which was 775 pages in length. It took a year to copy and paste the finding aid information into the encoded template. I hope to finish this project this year.  The encoding finding aid is nearly 2,000 pages long with two pages from the original finding aid printed on both the front and back of each of the encoded finding aid's pages.  It is a bear of a project. I'm proofing it when I have chunks of time.

Here's a picture of it sitting on my desk. The print out from the encoded finding aid (as state above with 2 pages on the front and 2 pages on the back of each printed out page) is 4.5 inches high. Sometimes you have to print it out and try to carry it around to realize how much work it is. There are over 130,000 lines in the template.


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