cyber criminals punished

I read often about cyber crime and more rarely about the cyber criminals getting punished. I like to feature both topics in my blog.

Two cyber criminals were recently punished. One, S. Vovnenko, got 41 months for hijacking computers and selling personal data he obtained in the process, a fine of over $83,000, and three years supervision  after he finishes serving his sentence in prison. The other, E. Taylor, got three years' probation for publishing private information about celebrities. The punishment seems insufficient to me.

Both men had attacked Brian Krebs, who has a popular blog which exposes cyber crime. Krebs had exposed the criminal activities of Vovnenko and Taylor.  To get back at Krebs for exposing Vovnenko's forum that traded stolen payment cards and personal data, Vovnenko planned to ship heroin to Krebs' address and call the police anonymously to raid the house and arrest Krebs. Krebs was alerted to what was planned and called the cops in time, preventing his false arrest. Vovnenko  was later arrested in Italy and sent to the U.S. to be prosecuted for running a card fraud forum, compromising computers and stealing data from them. Taylor was arrested in a large, coordinated global arrest of hackers in 2012. He also attacked Krebs via computers, leading to Krebs being handcuffed and his house being searched before the police figured out what was going on. I hope Krebs has a really good security system. Sounds like he needs it. Read more about it here


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