Avoid a future nightmare- identify and date your family photos now before it is too late!

This weekend I was working with my mom's family photos. After the first child (my Aunty Frances) was born, none of the following siblings were identified in photos nor were the photos dated. We know when everyone was born so that gives us a few years in which to estimate that the photo was taken, if we can figure out who it is in the photograph. My mom is easily recognized, so if she is in the photo I can tell who she is with. I am lucky that most of the photos for my Aunty Frances (1st child) were identified and dated. My mom knew who was in the photos with her, so she was able to identify some of the photos and date them before she passed. Now all of her siblings are dead so there is no way to identify them. I am posting some of these unidentified baby photographs online to see if some of my cousins recognize their parents in them.  Perhaps their parents, my aunts and uncles, had copies of the same photos and talked about them. Lesson to learn here- please date and identify your photographs, particularly baby photos, which are so precious, before it is too late! If all your images are digital, add sufficient metadata. You will not always remember and at some point, nobody will be alive who remembers.

Two unidentified babies on a blanket, undated

Two children on a sled. The one in the front is likely my Aunty Frances, but she was the eldest of her siblings, so who is the older kid behind her? a cousin? a neighbor? Undated photo probably about 1916-1917.


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