a previously unknown Dead Sea Scrolls cave found

BBCNews announced the recent discovery of a previously unknown cave in which some of the Dead Sea Scrolls were once stored. Searchers actually found an empty scroll in a sealed jar which they believe was put there to wait for a scribe to write on it long ago. They were very disappointed that it was an empty scroll, but the jar and scroll were intact. The scribe did not get to write on the empty scroll and eventually the cave caved in around it. Most of the Dead Sea Scrolls were looted centuries after they were written and stored. The main point  of the discovery is that this means that the possibility exists that there are more caves that may have scrolls, parts of scrolls, or scroll containers  in them. All of this information provides researchers with hope and possibilities to learn more about the scrolls and possibly those who hid them. For more on the story see http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-38916687


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