snowy manuscripts

We have had quite a snowfall. It was very messy getting in to work and the plows are still working.

In the Clarke there are 13 manuscript collections that discuss snow, the snow fall, snowball fights, have a snow-theme poem in them, or images involving winter and snow activities.

Packard Motor Car Company Collection, 1915, 1950
Jack R. Westbrook, Mount Pleasant Area Historical Society presents: a year in the life of 1950s Mount Pleasant Michigan, 1950,2005
Virginia Sharp, Photograph collection, 1915, 1919
Warriner Hall grounds photograph albums, 1950, 1956
David Balfour Central State Normal School photographs, 1915
Ann Arbor Railroad Co. Photograph collection, 2006
Fred R. Trelfa Photographic collection, 1849-1925
 Fred R. Trelfa Photographic collection, 1860-1961
Miscellaneous maps collection, 1907-1987
Walter H. Alexander, Correspondence, 1864
Saginaw stereographs, 1880-1930
John Greenleaf Whittier, Papers, 1829-1892
John Greenleaf Whittier, poem, question, envelope, 1864, 18uu


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