Roman building remains found while searching for Roman roads

While using ground penetrating radar to search for Roman streets in an undeveloped park in Chichester, UK, archaeologists were stunned to discover the clear outlines of three nearly complete Roman houses and a third small building from the same period which were built along a street which no longer survives. A small dig confirmed the building remains. These remains will be further explored, perhaps excavated entirely, later. Further radar located a Roman street elsewhere in the park, which will not be excavated. What is most interesting about this find is that the Roman building remains are in an excellent state of preservation because they were buried until now. Locals dug sewers before the 1880s, destroying lots of history in the town. However, the location of the newly discovered Roman building remains was the location of a monastery, thus the name of the location, Priory Park. Because it was a monastery site nobody dug all over and into it for sewers, leaving the Roman remains undisturbed all this time.There is a really cool video of the radar search where you see the outline of the house and small building clearly emerge. While there are lots of Roman building remains in the UK earth, few have been completely undisturbed for centuries, so this is a very exciting find for archaeologists. Read more about it here


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