ice in the archives

After yesterday's snow and rain, which we are still recovering from here today dealing with ice, I thought I'd share the Clarke  manuscript collections which document ice, ice storm, commercial ice production, ice fishing, or ice formation.

Haslanger, Clarence, MRs. Commercial production of ice at Barron Lake, Cass COunty, Michgian, 1904, 1914.

Wait, Stephen Edwin. Traverse City (Mich.) photographic collection, 1850,1969.

 Weidman, Christine. CMNS Times photograph album, 1893-1895. Images of a terrible ice storm that hit the CMU campus.

Saginaw News. Photograph Library Historical prints of Saginaw (Mich.), 1894, 1948. images of ice harvest on Lake Linton, late winter 1914.

Jack R. Wesbrook Miscellaneous Michigan collection, 1920, 2010.  Feb. 1922 ice and sleet storm images and articles

Clarke Historical LIbrary. . Cadillac stereographs. undated. Ice storm, ice harvesting.

Clarke Historical LIbrary. Great Lakes stereographs, ca. 1880-1900. Views of ice formation on Great Lakes.

Clarke Historical LIbrary. Marquette stereographs. ice formation in Marquette.

Clarke Historical LIbrary. Saginaw stereographs. ice fishing

Brandell, Richard P. Michigan postcard collection, 1908-1960. Vol. 5 includes postcards of damage caused by ice storms


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