China to crack down on unauthorized access to the Internet

China will crack down on its citizens unauthorized access to and use of the Internet. People with means have been using VPNs,Virtual private networks, to avoid limited access to the Internet, to prevent identification of the user, or to limit a government's ability to document what a user accessed or did online. China considers such actions to fight its control "disordered" and is beginning a 14- month campaign to increased its online controls and restrictions specifically against VPNs. Facebook, YouTube and other popular sites are blocked or severely restricted in China. Many businesses as well as individuals used VPNs to get around the blocks, to limit what confidential data is documented online, and to connect to business networks. China will now control permission to use VPNs and leased, dedicated lines, which, of course, the Communist Party will monitor and control. This is not the first time I have felt badly for the Chinese who are just trying to access information. Read more about it here


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