Monday, December 19, 2016

Spanish university head plagiarism

The head, Fernando Suarez, of a Spanish university, King Juan Carlos University in Madrid, is accused of plagiarism. One of his articles has 70% of its contents plagiarized from other scholars' research without attribution. The students are petitioning for his immediate resignation. If they were caught  plagiarizing, they would be expelled. Read more about it here


  1. For many years the question of plagiarism remains unchanged: students tend to cheat just the way they are. No wonder that the campus administration decided to use with the lofty aim to cultivate academic literacy. But what a ridiculous situation happened to the head of the University! How students can be interested in working on deep original research, when their educator is no one, but a cop cat?

  2. Nowadays plagiarism became very popular. I think this should be supervised in schools and universities. I want to recommend you a very helphul site with a lot of great tools for students -