MI Supreme Court Justice Elizabeth Weaver's Papers = Processing

As the end of the CMU fall term rapidly approaches, my students are wrapping up their processing projects and beginning new ones that will take them into next year. I've blogged before that Jen Bentley has nearly finished up MI Supreme Court (MSC) Justice Elizabeth Weaver's Court of Appeals series. 43 cu.ft. (in 44 boxes). (yellow labels) Today it gets labeled and shelved.

Here it is shelved, labeled, dwarfing Jen.

Jen also drafted a processing plan for future students to process other series. This week that has begun....Before anyone processes we had Gwyn and Jen's inventory review notes, then the students pulls the relevant boxes, and samples a few boxes to get to know what is usually in the folder and in what order, and if anything is there that we can remove or that needs to be photocopied.

Suli Albinhamad is beginning to process 13 cu.ft. of Weaver's Per Curiam series (on table, more on shelves). This series documents the review process for which cases small subgroups of the Justices  decided to review or not and why, and for those cases that were reviewed what the decision of the MSC justices was and why.

Brian Schamber is beginning to process 10 cu.ft. of Leelanau County Court of Appeals (red labels, more on shelves). This series documents the Court of Appeals on the county level, not the state level like the series Jen processed did. Same types of materials and processes. See prior blogs on Jen's series for more detail.

Next term other students will be processing various collections, including more of Weaver's series (and there are a lot). We will also reorganize and  rehouse Russell Kirk's papers so I can get the finding aid encoded. It's going to be a busy term.


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