UK Civil War hoard found

A hoard of 1,000  coins from the Civil War in the UK (1642-51) has been found in a farmer's field in Ewerby, near Lincoln, in Lincolnshire, UK. It is significant in that it is the largest hoard from that time period found. The coins include some from the reign of each of Henry VIII's children: Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I as well as some from the first two Stuart kings of England, James I and Charles I. The most recent coin is from 1643, so it was buried right after the beginning of the English Civil War. It was found in an area where many of he battles were fought, including a decisive battle where the Parliamentarians beat the Royalists. The value of the coins at the time they were buried was the equivalent of $34. To give us perspective an infantry man then earned a shilling a day and a rich man could live comfortably off $25 a year.  Clearly this was a lot of money at the time, probably from more than one person. See to learn more  and


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