little desk

The Brehm family collection, which includes all the calling cards featured in yesterday's blog entry, also contains a small, and I mean small, desk. I do not know if it was made for a doll or some other purpose, like a boys club or class project. It is not a beautiful example of the cabinet maker's art, so it is not a furniture salesman's sample. It measures 2.5 (width) x 2.5 (length) x 4.75 inches (height). I pulled the drawer out a little so yo can see it and its little handle (a screw). It is held together by screws. You can see how big it is compared to the little calling cards which all measure individually 2 x 3.75 inches. This is an unusual 3-d object in the archives. Mostly what we get is some hair, pins, and what I generally classify as desk clutter (ashtrays, nameplates, little statues, inkwells, miscellaneous CMU paraphernalia, etc.).


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