Email investigation questions again

Hillary's email is being investigated again, right before the election. What excellent timing! This time it is not emails on her shared server with Pres. Bill Clinton, or the question of whether or not they are  properly classified, or if it shows if donors were promised favors, or whether it shows that she knew enough about Benghazi that she could have prevented it. Now it is some of her emails that showed up during the investigation of Huma Abedin's computer that she shared with her estranged husband, let us hope soon to be ex-husband, Anthony Weiner. Weiner is being investigated for sharing unwanted sexual images of himself via his phone. There is so much in this paragraph that you could get mad about that it boggles the mind. But it doesn't end there....

Investigations of Trump staff and Hillary's emails were all requested to be slowed to not influence the election . Now with this investigation being discussed, even closer to the election than the other two investigations, there are additional questions being asked about what the FBI is doing, how and why, and who is influencing their decisions in investigating these cases. What a mess. All elected or future public officials should be freaking out over their email, because we all know it can be found wherever you store it and, depending on where it is found and what is in it, can prove detrimental to your election prospects. Here is a more factual news article of the events.


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