ruby slippers

We all know whose slippers-Dorothy's. $300,000 has been raised to preserve Dorothy's ruby slippers in the Smithsonian. 5,300 supporters from 41 countries pitched in. It's the Smithsonian's first kickstarter campaign. You can read about it here  

There's also a much more interesting article with cool images and a good explanation of their fragility and a glimpse of the conservation center in the Smithsonian magazine.  The slippers in the Smithsonian are actually a mismatched pair being a 1/2 size different from each other. There were several pairs made, including one with curly toes. One pair was taken to MGM for auction by Kent Warner. The others he stuffed in a bag. He took other iconic pieces as well including Dorothy's dress and clothes and shoes of iconic import from other films. A second pair of Dorothy's shoes were given away as a prize to Roberta Jeffries. They are now owned by a private collector. A third pair was stolen from The Judy Garland Museum. Warner's pair went to L. DiCaprio and S. Spielberg and will be displayed at the future Academy Museum of Motion Pictures. The Smithsonian will create a special display case so Dorothy's slippers will last as long as possible. Here's that Smithsonian article online.


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