CMU Channel 9 & 10 film makes cut for national conference screening

I’m very excited to tell you that a  Channel 9 & 10 film news story  has been selected to be shown by my dear ex-student Tressa Graves at screening night at the national conference of AMIA (Assn of Moving Images Archives) in  Nov. Pittsburgh.  This is a really big deal. Film archivists (some from major US film studios and film archives) from across the nation and international film archivists will see our film and know it is from CMU. We took several films for consideration which involved major Michigan news which impacted state and national news.

This is a great point of pride for all of us who worked for several years now identifying, rehousing, preserving, describing, cataloging, and making available our films, Tressa, Jen, SK and me.  Good job ladies! Bask in the positive archival glow! 

Part of the Oct. 27, 2016 email:

I am glad to inform you that your submission has been selected to be screened as part of AMIA's Archival Screening Night on Thursday, November 10th at the Hollywood Theater in Pittsburgh, PA. 

Please confirm via e-mail by Thursday, November 4th that you are still available to participate in this event and that the following information is accurate (it will be printed in the program):

Title:  Wreath Laying for the S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald
Presentation Format:  16mm
Original Format:  16mm  
Clarke Historical Library, Central Michigan University
Description: From the Channel 9 & 10 News Collection, the 1975 clip shows a wreath being laid for the recently sunk S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald by Canadian and American ships in Lake Superior. Sunk in November 1975, the Fitzgerald is the largest and one of the best known shipwrecks on the Great Lakes.   
Preservation History:  Located in an archival storage container in an room with environmental controls set for manuscripts. Currently seeking proper cold storage.

Thank you for contributing!

See you in Pittsburgh,

Brittan Dunham
on behalf of the AMIA Archival Screening Night Group


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