pre-Friday archives report - Collections pouring in

Golden Key Club Box #1
I'm reporting this a day early because so much is coming in lately. I don't know if this happens to other archivists, but I swear every day last week and this week that I have left my space for 20 minutes or more, another collection, or two, appears.

I received collections on 1970s protests, a CD documenting the planning of our learning commons (Copeland Suite), MI Audubon Society, H.H. Dow materials,  soil books, and two large boxes of a now defunct CMU registered student organization, the Golden Key Club National Honor Society.

Golden Key Club Box 2

Golden Key Club pendant

H.H. Dow box

H.H. Dow Oversized

1970s protest sign

MI Audubon Society

Soil materials looking for a good home
Copeland Suite CD


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