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Fall MAC symposium in Ann Arbor

The Fall MAC symposium will be in Ann Arbor, Oct. 7-8, 2016

Library of MI PT digitizing job posting

Iran's intranet

Iran has made available to the public its own in country internet with limited access. This has been planned since 2010. Iran limits access of its people to external sites. Originally their system was going to filter other sites and access, which was inefficient. Now "The government says the goal is to create an isolated domestic intranet that can be used to promote Islamic content and raise digital awareness among the public." Read more about it here

Clarke's CONDOR revamped

This news from the Clarke Blog:  New CMU Libraries Digital Collections Website Now Available We are excited to announce that our new digital document interface is up and running. For the past eight months, staff members from the Clarke Historical Library, the CMU Libraries, and DL Consulting in New Zealand have been working to convert all of the digitized documents found in the CMU Online Digital Object Repository (CONDOR) to a new interface. This new interface, powered by Veridian collection management software, separates the digital collections found in CONDOR into four broad groups:

Digital Michigan NewspapersDocuments related to the history of Central Michigan UniversityScholarly and Creative works of the CMU Community, including dissertations and thesesSelected documents from the Clarke's collections pertaining to Michigan history and children's literature
The CMU Libraries Digital Collection ( gives you access to over 30,000 documen…

Natural disasters damage historic sites

Floods in Louisiana have surely damaged historical sites although I haven't seen a list yet. In Italy the damage is extensive. Several hundred historic sites, churches, walls, buildings, and other historic structures are damaged. Entire towns are mostly gone. On Sun all Italians were asked to go to historic museums and the funds will go to help rebuild the hardest hit areas. Rad more about it here

are the social media giants doing enough to combat terrorism?

There is an ongoing debate in the UK if the mega social media companies are doing enough to combat terrorism online. They say they are and the government blaming them is simplistic and misleading, the government says they aren't and are making lots of money while not helping. Read more about it here

Louisiana State Archives offers damaged records advice

The Louisiana State Archives has information on line for people dealing with damage, flooded records, books, photographs, and moldy books and records.

Ransomware stats

Two new cyber security surveys in England reported that at least 23 universities and at least 28 NHS (health services) trusts admitted that they were hit by ransomware. One university was hit 21 times in a year. One university said being hit was common and they don't pay the ransom demanded. Health Services said losing confidential patient data is a nightmare and they don't advise paying either.

Ransomware attacks in the US are up 300% this year. There are 4,000 reported daily hits. Read more about it here

IBBY addition 2016

We got a foot plus addition this year, but also decided to go to the prior boxes and print out anything that came in a digital format due to some of the current formats being difficult to access. This resulted in a doubling of material. Going from box 9 forward we now have 18 boxes. The finding aid, catalog records and EAD finding aid is updated. The amended EAD finding aid will be available next month. More will be coming as part of this addition is on exhibit elsewhere.

A big thanks to Jen who helped me double check everything. All those foreign names with foreign punctuation marks requires a lot of extra checking.

FB new app for teens

The new app  hopes to increase the popularity and use of FB among teens, only 8% of US FB users. It allows teens to upload pictures and videos based on likes, dislikes and feelings and turned them into video profiles. The profiles are public. The idea is to connect members in one school. Lack of privacy is a concern. If a school registers 20 members or more on Lifestage, school members can view each others' profiles.  You can't message on it, but you can display contact info from snapchat and isntagram. read more about it here

Brewer family ambrotypes

A recent addition to the Dwight J. Brewer Collection, 1862, 2012 includes 3 ambrotypes from the 1850s and 1860s and a CD of the 3 images.

Dwight J. Brewer and two of his wives, sisters Carrie and Ellen Stearns as children.

From left: Carrie (Stearns) Brewer (1850-1935) from the early 1850s;
Ellen (Stearns) Brewer (1839-1918)  and her brother Edwin (1844-1921) probably taken in the early 1850s;
Dwight J. Brewer (1844-1881) probably taken around 1860.

Carrie and Ellen were born in NY and both died in Clare, MI.
Dwight J. Brewer (1842-1881) was the son of Jairus and Lucy Brewer. After Lucy died, Jairus married Mary Langdon and, later, Ellen Stearns (1839-1918) sister of Edwin Stearns (1839-1918). Dwight had two siblings: Augusta and Julius. By 1850 Jairus moved his family to Mich. Dwight enlisted in Company F, 20th Mich. Infantry on Aug. 9, 1862 at Brooklyn, Mich., for three years, at age 20. He was mustered on Aug. 18, 1862. Dwight was discharged at Knoxville, Tenn., May 24, 1865.…