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Christmas in the archives

In the Clarke Historical Library there are 32 archival paper-based collections that document Christmas in some way. Here the list is enhanced by some of our historic Christmas cards. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Writing about a WWII soldier's Christmas packages in France 1944
or Christmas at a Korean orphanage 1953
or charitable Christmas activities
or Christmas gatherings and celebrations, various collections
or Christmas bird count by the local Audubon club.

There are numerous and various types  of Christmas images, general, familial, Mount Pleasant, Michigan, and CMU.

There are Christmas addresses from Saginaw Daily Courier Newsboys, 1873-1874.

There are Christmas inscriptions in books given as Christmas book.

There are circus Christmas tree ornaments.

Many collections have assorted holiday cards or Christmas wishes.

Google pondering improving search results

Google is reevaluating how searches are done after a search pondering the reality of the Holocaust resulted in  white supremacist holocaust denier sites getting high ranking. Read more about it here

St of MI Records management jobs

Departmental Manager 13 The State of Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget December 20, 2016
The State of Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget is currently seeking an Departmental Manager 13.


This position is responsible for the management of the state's Record Center. The operation provides physical records storage retrieval and disposition services primarily to the Executive Branch of State Government. The position works with internal staff and state agencies that use physical recordkeeping services in order to ensure that records are properly maintained and disposed of in accordance with the Records Retention and Disposal Schedules.


Knowledge of the principles of administrative management, including budgeting techniques, office procedures, and reporting.
Knowledge of the tools of management, such as methods development, cost analysis, procedural manuals, training materials, operat…

Sisters of Loretto KY Archivist position posting

more perspective on the federal climate change data

Experts and scientists both at home and abroad are concerned about access to the federal climate data and what effect the Trump appointees will have with the government units that use that data.  Read more about it here. See

Spanish university head plagiarism

The head, Fernando Suarez, of a Spanish university, King Juan Carlos University in Madrid, is accused of plagiarism. One of his articles has 70% of its contents plagiarized from other scholars' research without attribution. The students are petitioning for his immediate resignation. If they were caught  plagiarizing, they would be expelled. Read more about it here

Canada saving US government climate data

This is both pretty interesting and pathetically sad. Canada is rushing to archive US government data on the climate. This is to avoid the loss of the data, loss of access to the data, or inappropriate manipulation of the data under the Trump presidency.

"The Internet Archive, which also stores copies of billions of websites, said in November it wants to keep a back-up in Canada following Donald Trump's US election victory and is raising money for the expensive endeavor. The non-profit organization said it felt it was necessary in order to prepare "for a web that may face greater restrictions".

 Read more about it here

Yahoo was hacked

Actually Yahoo was hacked 3 years ago and it wasn't widely reported. Now there is another report that hackers may have used the emails and other information they got access to 3 years ago to get passwords to get to additional information. Experts say change all your passwords on everything. All those different passwords may be a good idea, but what a pain. Read more about it here

Clarke collections documenting CMU final exams and some MI exams

As the end of exam week approaches, here are some collections at the Clarke documenting final exams:

Exams for CMU classes taught by professors are in their papers including:
Mathematics Prof. Richard J. Fleming Papers, 1960-2007
History Professor Minor Van Lieu Papers, 1907,1946
Religion Professor Robin Hough, Collection, 1964, 2014

Final exams of a high school student:
High School finals:
Clara Reno, Glass Lake Union School papers, 1893-1894 includes her class notes, exams, and reports
She was in 9th-10th grade in 1893-1894

Final exams of Michigan teachers;
Alice J. Wesley Colby, Papers, 1923-1998, a CMU grad (1923) taught in Sparta and Bay City (MI). Her papers during her time teaching in Sparta, 1929, includes her diary where she details grading exams and papers, compiling grades, and attending graduation.

Roxie M .Higgins collection, 1908, 1953 includes her final exams, student teaching final exams, among others. Roxie graduated from Presque Isle Co. Normal in 1942 and taught in…

3-d printer generates prosthesis legs

3D printed prosthetic legs were created for a double amputee, Kathleen, from a startup company. She though it was much faster to scan and create them, but they didn't last. One of them broke after a brief walk. Her thought is you need a prosthesis specialist involved with the design. But this may, with some tweaking and professional input, become a viable option in the future for amputees. Read/see more about it here

Meijer is looking for internship candidates for our Meijer Heritage Center as an Archival Intern

Smallpox DNA info

A smallpox DNA sample from a 17th century child's mummy beneath a Lithuanian church proves that smallpox actually developed much more recently than first believed. A sample from the mummy compared to recent small pox examples show that common strains developed sometime between 1588 to 1645, meaning it may have developed much later than originally thought. However this is one example. Others need to be found and tested before scientists will know for sure how old smallpox is. Read more about it here

dinosaur tail found

How cool is this? A small dino tail saved in a piece of amber the size of an apricot was found. The tail includes clearly visible feathers! Read more about it and see cool images here

women and wikipedia

The BBCNews ran an interesting story today on the lack of women documented on wikipedia and the lack of women adding material to Wikipedia. I've added material. Read more about it  This follows two reports, one featured in the Harbard Business Review. About 9% of global Wikipedia writers are women, 11% in the US are. Wikipedia hopes to change those numbers. Pick your favorite research topic and add it. I added my church. And I've added info to other sites.

Dick Moehl slides

We recently received what is probably the last addition to the collection of Richard L. "Dick" Moehl, Lighthouse aficionado and saver, promoter of Mackinac area tourism, founder of the Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers Association, and saver of Michigan history. Cody is beginning to process the slides in the addition.