There are really no secrets in the Internet world.

The site for married people engaging in infidelity, Ashley Madison, experienced a massive dump of personal data involving about 6800 senders and 3600 recipients. Now there is an investigation of the CEO Noel Biderman and his emails which were among those released. Names and information (some fake) have been released. People are freaking out over their private data being released. Apparently, they are afraid that someone will find out they are a cheater and that may impact both their lives, marriages, families and maybe their careers. Too bad they didn't consider this sooner. Read more about it here

Update: at least two people have killed themselves. The parent company is offering a large reward for information on the hackers. Additionally, names of some high profile people have shown up in the revealed data. The potential for lawsuits is huge here. Read the updates here and here

Update: Ashley Madison site is allowing users of its cheating for married people website to pay to delete some of their data, but not all of it. So, you still can't hide yourself completely from your spouse, you cheaters. Read more about it here

Speaking of deleted data reminds me of hidden or suppressed data. Agora has shut down its site which deals in black market commodities of an illegal nature including drugs. It has also prohibited now the sale of guns. This is because a recent MIT report on its security system noted flaws which could be used to expose accounts of users who wish to operate in secret. The site owners were smart enough at that point to shut down.  I'm sure there are a lot of unhappy drug dealers today. Read more about it here


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