Could your washer or printer hack into a nuclear facility's computers? Yes

It's the end of the week. I leave you with something to think about all weekend. 

Recent tests showed how hackers hacked a car's computer system so that the hacker, not the driver, controlled  the car at anytime, anywhere. Well, now hackers have figured out how to steal files  from military bases and other high security/sensitive sites which aren't connected to the Internet for security reasons. How did hackers do it? They altered other basic equipment that many people have in their homes and offices (a printer, a washer, an air conditioner) so it emitted electormagnetic radiation which generated computer code - 11111s and 00000s. It was slow, but it worked. Dang those hackers are incredibly smart. This is the first time this was reported to have happened. What does it mean? It means hackers can now access secret files at high security sites without entering the site physically or going through the Internet. All secured sites with high level sensitive information in them, like nuclear facilities or major power grids or armies, are now vulnerable to hacking. That is pretty scary. I wonder if you'll sleep this weekend. I wonder what the world's governments are going to do about this.  I think the government should pay the hackers to tackle terrorists and their communication networks. Now they can hack into and receive information. It's probably just a matter of time before they can hack into and alter the information and systems there. Read more about it here


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