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Digital Archaeology

A company called Digital Archaeology is creating digital documentation of historic sites in an attempt to preserve, in a new way, the historic physical record of structures and sites for the future. Due to the record of increasing ISIS destruction, DA has sped up their pace significantly, racing to document before the structures and sites are gone. More power to them!  Read more about it here

FB 1 billion users

Facebook has reached a record billion users in 1 day. Amazing. What will it be like when all the nations are connected to the Internet and can access FB? Will they find relatives lost to war, offer memories of events the rest of know little or nothing about? It could have a major impact on history and documentation. Hopefully it will also have a positive impact on moving forward into the future. Read more about it here

There are really no secrets in the Internet world.

The site for married people engaging in infidelity, Ashley Madison, experienced a massive dump of personal data involving about 6800 senders and 3600 recipients. Now there is an investigation of the CEO Noel Biderman and his emails which were among those released. Names and information (some fake) have been released. People are freaking out over their private data being released. Apparently, they are afraid that someone will find out they are a cheater and that may impact both their lives, marriages, families and maybe their careers. Too bad they didn't consider this sooner. Read more about it here

Update: at least two people have killed themselves. The parent company is offering a large reward for information on the hackers. Additionally, names of some high profile people have shown up in the revealed data. The potential for lawsuits is huge here. Read the updates here…

Google ordered to remove news links

In the ongoing "forgotten" link saga, Google has been ordered by the courts to remove some links to news stories about people whose links were removed.  Google wanted the links to the news stories to document what had happened. The people whose links were removed and the courts do not want the news links. Will Google continue to fight this or decide to spend its energies and time elsewhere? Read more about it here

Do you want to live on in the internet forever?

Do you want someone to post online for you after you die? Do you want to leave enough info behind so a machine can do it for you? Do you really care? Does anyone care what your responses or interests are once you are dead? I think this concept panders to those who believe they are the center of the universe. Some people do care and want to express themselves on earth after they leave it. Really bossy, controlling people would love this idea. They would eternally get to express the last word much to the dismay of their families.

There is a new site called Eter9 which will respond for you after you die. You provide a profile and select preferences. There was a prior system called Virtual Eternity in 2010, but it ceased after 2 years. Still, 10,000 people signed up for it. I wonder how many of them died in that 2 year span and got anything out of the system. FB and MIT are both working on means to improve artificial intelligence to be "better than humans"  or to continue for yo…

Salute to those working to save history from ISIS

I was off most of last week for various reasons and during that time a lot of the information news was negative and ISIS related. The terrorists beheaded the former general manager for antiquities and museums in Palmyra, Khaled al-As'ad. He was 82 and had spent 40 years dedicated to his profession. I hope a fund and honor is established in his name. I feel terrible for him and his poor family. He was so dedicated in trying to save some of the artifacts and historical treasures for humanity that he was killed. It is absolutely appalling. Today I read the terrorists have likely blown up another temple. The cost of their attempt to rule humanity and denigrate parts of it is even more appalling than their mass destruction of history and the culture of nations and, ultimately, the history and early culture of the world.  Many of these early antiquities pre-date divisions of nations or religions, showing our shared history and culture. I salute those professionals and volunteers working…

Confidential CC

There is a new email app, Confidential CC, that the creators say can send an encrypted confidential email that only one designated person can access only once. The email has two layers of protection so it can't be printed off or forwarded or have a screen shot taken of it. It sounds like a Mission Impossible directive. The creator sees personal and professional use potential for this app. I could also see criminal use for it. Read more about it here

Remove trees and find a 12th c. chapel

Many of us have gardened, or tried to clear land to garden. Here's a story of a couple who tried to move some trees in their UK yard and found the remains of a 12th c. chapel foundation and walls which archaeologists have been working on. It will be recovered to preserve it. The couple will have to grow a garden elsewhere.

Ernest Hemingway Idaho home on HRHP

Ernest Hemingway's house in Idaho is now on the National Register of Historic Places. It's full of his personal items. This is his last home, where he wrote his last two books, and, later, killed himself. Nice photos. To find out more about EH and the EH collections in the Clarke click here
Read more about the house here

Hillary turns over her private server

Probably the biggest political/technology news of the moment is that Hillary Clinton has agreed to hand over her server that she used when she was secretary of state and recording of her emails to the FBI. This will result in an investigation of whether or not it was secure and if she broke rules or laws and/or tried to cover it up. It will be very interesting to see what the investigation determines and, hopefully, this will allow for better procedures and checks up front to ensure that politicians and government bureaucrats follow the proper protocols in the future. Republicans already think she's guilty, a lot of the public don't trust her as a result of how she handled the server situation which will likely affect her bid to be president, and her aides say this was a way to stem further accusations.  I hope the investigation doesn't take very long or we will not know the facts, or the facts we are allowed to know, before the election.…

hacker against criminals

With so much tech news about information being hacked or how vulnerable it is to hackers, here is an article about someone who has new software that enables him to hack criminals. Very interesting. Read more about it here

Could your washer or printer hack into a nuclear facility's computers? Yes

It's the end of the week. I leave you with something to think about all weekend. 

Recent tests showed how hackers hacked a car's computer system so that the hacker, not the driver, controlled  the car at anytime, anywhere. Well, now hackers have figured out how to steal files  from military bases and other high security/sensitive sites which aren't connected to the Internet for security reasons. How did hackers do it? They altered other basic equipment that many people have in their homes and offices (a printer, a washer, an air conditioner) so it emitted electormagnetic radiation which generated computer code - 11111s and 00000s. It was slow, but it worked. Dang those hackers are incredibly smart. This is the first time this was reported to have happened. What does it mean? It means hackers can now access secret files at high security sites without entering the site physically or going through the Internet. All secured sites with high level sensitive information in them, …

MI Archivist Intern job

The Archive Intern position works closely with the Corporate Archivist to connect Carhartt’ s employees to the company’s legacy by collecting, preserving and sharing the records and assets that demonstrate Carhartt’s  enduring mission and values. This internship will provide a distinct opportunity for students with an interest in textile preservation to utilize the archiving skills learned in the classroom. In Dearborn, MI.

Participating in the Remembering Lincoln digital project


Will your system be inaccessible in the next few days?

A loophole in coding whereby URL addresses are changed to IP addresses has been found and the expectation is that hackers will take advantage of it, particularly in the next few days, to interrupt internet service and cause websites to go offline. Using the techy lingo-patches are being rolled out, which means they should have dealt with it before making systems available for purchase but chose not to. Read more about it here

hacker conference

Yes, I know the title sounds like oxymoron but it is what it is. The biggest convention of hackers is meeting this week in, where else?, Las Vegas. Many of them are working for companies which invite hackers to try to break through their defenses in order to better secure their information. In addition to the attending the conference, you can also get a mohawk hairstyle, if you wish. I hope the NSA is there to recruit some of these hackers to work for us instead of against us. Read more about it here