UCLA hospital system hacked

The UCLA hospital system has been hacked. Now I've never been to UCLA, but the thought that 4.5 million people have had their data hacked, including private info, is not a good one. For more info about it read here http://money.cnn.com/2015/07/17/technology/ucla-health-hack/index.html

This comes right after hearing that the data of 21.5 million federal government employees and retirees had their data hacked. Instead of all the news reports about all the hacking, I would like to hear/read about what the government, major banks and companies and hospitals with our private data plan to do to combat this. The lack of anti-hacking measures and efforts does not inspire confidence. The UCLA hospital system apparently took measures and was attacked weekly, but the hackers still got through their firewalls and precautions and their security company.How to fight it? I'd like a special news report on what is being done nationally to fight all the hacking and to fight back against the hackers. Maybe if we were told that would let the hackers know how to fight the new protection measures. We need a satisfying and effective method like the one used against foreign nuclear facilities awhile ago where the hackers implanted a "virus" which collects data, acts benign, reports lies, and destroys their entire computer network.  We need some really smart people to keep our info safe or, like Russia, we may have to return to typewriters, and, seriously, who wants that? Type, type. type. Just thinking of carbon paper  alone is enough to make me slightly ill....


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