New megacomputer for US

Recently the Saudis built a supercomputer and by this action became one of the top ten nations with a mega high performance computer. The nation with the #1 high performance computer is China.  On Weds., July 29th, Pres. Obama signed an Executive Order establishing the National Strategic Computing Initiative (NSCI). The NSCI will use "strengths" from various government units to develop an American supercomputer to "advance core technologies ... solve ...computational problems." The goal is that this will happen in the next 10 years and that the new American supercomputer will outrank [and therefore outmaneuver] the others mega computers of the world. If we don't develop it, we will fall behind the other nations. That would really blow to American pride, ingenuity, and we would remain prey to hackers. We may still remain prey, but we will likely feel more superior regardless. It is hoped the new computer will help with "complex simulations and scientific research," such as the development of personalized medicines, analyzing DNA and artificial intelligence, dealing with climate change issues, predicting weather, and other issues such as improving national security. Does this mean it will be harder to hack? Being able to outwit the hackers of the world isn't discussed, but it should be one of the issues this new, ultra amazing and ultra expensive computer should be able to handle. This will cost mega money in development and ongoing costs, just for the electricity alone. Who knows how much.  It would be shame to have China hack it from day one.  Let's hope there are some private contractors working on it who really know their stuff.  Here's the news article Here's the press release from the White House


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