half of the world's online users are on FB

At least monthly, if not more often, half (1.49 billion) of the world's  online users (3 billion) check into Facebook. In the US people spend 1 out of every five minutes on their smartphones on FB. Over 65% use it daily. As the number of users soar, so too does FB stock value and the impact FB makes on many people and the world. These stats are fascinating. I'm sure FB could give us stats about which age group (I'm guessing teen girls) are the most avid users, what are the trendy topics, how many hours/day people are actively engaged, how many selfies are shared, etc. I wish that every time you checked into FB you actually learned something positive that was helpful to you. I don't really think anyone is on FB to learn, just to connect and share idle info and look cool. Every time there is an option to share info or change  the way your image looks people do it. Nobody cares what your vacation was like, but we all share info about it regardless. Where is FB going in the future? What are its plans? I wish I was a fly on their planning room wall. Read more about the FB here http://www.bbc.com/news/business-33712729


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