Federal system remains at high risk to hackers

Federal personnel files remain vulnerable to hackers according to an audit completed Friday July 17th. This does not bode well.  Three Dept. of the Interior units have not yet taken adequate steps to prevent their networks from being hacked. The chief info officer insists that steps are being taken, but due to the lack of central authority, it is difficult to react in a timely manner. Read more about it here http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/federal-eye/wp/2015/07/16/federal-personnel-files-still-very-vulnerable-and-prime-targets-for-hackers-audit-finds/?tid=hpModule_308f7142-9199-11e2-bdea-e32ad90da239&hpid=z14

A more detailed discussion in the New York Times states that although the government has been warned for years, it continues to move slowly and ineffectually to reduce hacking risks. FAA officials said they tried to implement needed change, but at the end didn't have the budget to do what needed to be done. The Dept. of Energy and IRS both made what they thought were sufficient changes, but were actually inadequate according to cyber specialists. Lack of understanding, delays in hiring qualified cyber specialists, communication difficulty explaining the need and situation from cyber specialists to those who are not cyber specialists, and complacency are all part of the problem say those trying to effect positive and necessary changes. Read more about it here http://www.nytimes.com/2015/07/19/us/us-vs-hackers-still-lopsided-despite-years-of-warnings-and-a-recent-push.html?ref=technology


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