Dick Moehl's papers

pile 1
pile 2
Richard L.  "Dick" Moehl was a leader in the Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers Assn. (GLLKA). Through him the Clarke received the GLLKA records, including documentation of people who grew up living in lighthouses, lighthouses the group worked to save from destruction and restore, including St. Helena, saving the ice cutter Mackinac and making it into a museum vessel, their fight to get MI declared the national lighthouse state, periodicals they generated, and the topical photographs that they accumulated. Now we have his papers, approx. 65 cu.ft. in two piles in our hall.  It's in various size boxes so it won't fit on the stacks shelves without reboxing, so we are going to let it sit until we can get it processed. We will tackle Dick Moehl's papers soon. To read more about the other collections he donated click here http://catalog.lib.cmich.edu/search/a?SEARCH=moehl+richard+l&SORT=D
To learn more about the GLLKA collection click here http://catalog.lib.cmich.edu/search/?searchtype=a&searcharg=great+lakes+lighthouse+keepers+association&sortdropdown=-&SORT=D&extended=0&SUBMIT=Search&searchlimits=&searchorigarg=amoehl+richard+l


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