modern demands of a digital Magna Carta

So what do 3,000 of today's "young people" (age 10-18) want in a digital Magna Carta concerning the web?
#1 they do not want companies to control it or governments to restrict rights to access information
#2 free speech
#3-4 free from/not allow government censorship
#5 available to all
#6 free from censorship/mass surveillance
#7 equal access to knowledge, info and current news
#8 freedom of speech
#9 again not government censored
#10 not sell our personal info/preferences for money, and clearly state if company/Website will do so
This is in honor of the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta. I think what an amazing document to still be so lauded, to have been created at all, and to be applied in a modern, digital way.
Read more about it here


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