Magna Carta digital age vote

Honoring the 800th birthday of the Magna Carta and 25th of the WWW, the British Library held a vote to see what "young people" in the UK thought should be in a Magna Carta for the digital age. This is interesting. The most popular priority was safety on the net, followed by freedom of speech and privacy. The UK public can now vote on suggested clauses. The top 10 clauses will be revealed on Monday June 15th.  Analysis of the votes finds nearly 50% of students want to feel safe online. This outranked freedom on the web, surprising analysts who thought the students were more conservative in their desires than anticipated. A number of clauses discuss cyber-police being needed. This is very interesting. Of course students and youth, and in fact the vast majority of the UK, had nothing to do with anything that went into the Magna Carta, only rich nobles. Read more about it here


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