Luedtke Construction Co. records

The records of Luedtke Construction Co., a 3rd generation marine construction company in Frankfort, MI, is partially processed. We are in series three Jobs, which is documentation of jobs they bid on and were awarded as well as some smaller jobs, like towing vessels. So far Series 1 Local Historical 3 boxes (approx. 3 feet), series 2 Daily Reports  70 boxes (35 cu.ft.) and now series 3 Jobs 86 boxes (43 cu.ft.) are processed, with more to go in series 3. A fourth series No Low Bid (jobs they did not do but bid on) remains to be tackled.We've been on series 3 since June 1. We have a long way to go. About 156 cu.ft. came from the company. More should be coming in the future.
Here's part of  processed Luedtke series 3 Jobs

Here is Luedtke WDs (withdrawn materials)


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