Luedtke Construction Co. arrives

Approx. 156 cu. ft. of Luedtke (pronounced Lud-key) Construction Co. of Frankfort, MI [marine construction, 3 generations] arrived and was moved into the Clarke by Frank, John, Marian, and helpless willing intern Andrea. It was exhausting. I'm not 20 anymore. There are three main series represented, bids/jobs including what became a major lawsuit in Chicago due to a collapsed tunnel; bids that weren't accepted; and miscellaneous. Another maybe 200 cu.ft. awaits transfer in the future. Luedtke creates docks, barrier walls, dredges, etc. in the Great Lakes and beyond. They've also done some work at the Soo Locks.
Can you see Andrea half way down the hall and Frank at the end of the very long pile? Now we have to inventory and shelve it. We are taking a break first.

We got about 1/2 of it shelved. The rest can wait until Mon.


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