It's off to MAC I go

Following my Archives Administration exam tonight, I'm at MAC this week in Lexington, KY. My dear ex-student Tressa and I are part of a panel talking about audiovisual issues. Our issue is the Clarke's film project. I'm also chairing it.  It's supposed to be warm there all week- break out the sandals and sunscreen. Read more about it here

This conference will kick off the summer term. I have some new student processors to train, grades to conclude when I return from MAC, and various collections to archivally deal with in diverse ways all summer. Tressa and I hope to write an article on our film project for the AMIA  (Association of Moving Image Archivists) journal this summer. I also hope to conclude a good draft of most of my thesis. It's going to be a busy summer. Shortly after term begins I hope to present about some of my thesis research at the Great Lakes History Conference. We'll see.


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