Interesting techy stories of the day

1) the UK government is selling "big chunks" of Internet addresses it no longer uses. A Norwegian firm bought the first 150,000 for about 600,000 pounds. The addresses are valuable because there is a limited number of Internet addresses available due to a naming system from the 1970s. Available addresses from the system are almost used up. The future (5-10 year) plan is that the net will move to a new, different naming scheme which will offer almost unlimited naming options. Read more about it here  I wonder when other governments will do this to shore up their assets.

2) Two "interesting" websites were hacked and admitted it recently, one is a California adult dating/sex website, Adult Friend Finder. The personal preferences and information of 3.9 of its 64 million users was hacked.  The numbers are amazing to me.  An investigation is occurring now.  Read more about it here                                                       

The other hacked website, MSpy in the UK, allows a user to spy on another person. Parents spy on children, employers on employees, but also others can use for "nefarious purposes." Clearly ex-spouses or spouses or criminals and the law could spy on each other. Terrorists I suppose could use this as well, which is really scary.  The information of at least 80,000 users was exposed online, possibly the information for up to 400,000 users. Again, the numbers amaze me. Read more about it here


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